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TRAKMATT is made from heavy duty HDPE plastic. 2.4mx1.2m and weighing 38kg they are light, durable and take up little space making storage and transportation efficient. They are easy to deploy and retrieve on site.

TRAKMATT is designed to protect rather than support and provide an effective solution when needing to cross soft ground and grass, including lawns and sportsfields. They also provide excellent protection for agricultural applications, such as crossing newly seeded sections of land or areas where vehicles are likely to get bogged down.

Strong enough to cater for the traversing of cars, commercial vehicles and small to medium-size plant, TRAKMATT is ideal for:

  • Outdoor Events
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Transmission Line Work
  • Railway Maintenance
  • Agricultural shows
  • Outdoor exhibitions and trade fairs
  • Emergency recovery zones
  • Parks and golf courses
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Coastal operations
  • Sports events

Our Clients

Irish Rail
PM Group
Ward & Burke
John Paul Construction
Secto Services
Adston Construction
Fingal County Council
Meath County Council
Limerick County Council
Causeway Geotech
JCL John Craddock Ltd.
Keatings Construction
Speedy Hire
William O'Brien Cranes