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Engineered Solutions

Irish Access Mats possess the expertise and scope to enable us engineer a custom solution for unique need environments and load bearing requirements.

Stone Roads

For longer term projects and where the roadway may be left in place permanently it may make sense to put in a stone road. Irish Access Mats have experience in building stone roads for use as haul-roads or to provide access for large plant and heavy cranes. Let us know your requirement and we can put together a specification.

Emtek Mats

For long-term projects and especially heavy-duty applications, Irish Access Mats recommends the use of emtek mats. These are constructed by bolting laminates and hardwoods together, the result providing an extremely strong, impact resistant mat that remains stable. This method of manufacture also means they are less than half the thickness of conventional mats and, measuring 2.5 x 5 metres they are easier to install and handle and more efficient to transport.

Bespoke Timber Mats

Because of our direct contact with the sawmill we can provide a mat of any size or dimension, from 100mm to 400mm thick. We can also supply CRANE Rigger Mats for crane hire companies or any plant specific requirements.Irish Access Mats’ bogmats can also be employed to form load bearing Temporary Bridges for plant and machinery needing to cross culverts, drains and ditches.

Our Clients

Irish Rail
PM Group
Ward & Burke
John Paul Construction
Secto Services
Adston Construction
Fingal County Council
Meath County Council
Limerick County Council
Causeway Geotech
JCL John Craddock Ltd.
Keatings Construction
Speedy Hire
William O'Brien Cranes